Ghospers Game


The use case of NFTs in Ghospers Game
Ghospers Game does not only contain Ghosper NFTs. Players will be able to own Land, Housing, and Clothing NFTs as well! These NFTs can be acquired by holding an Ultra Rare NFT or by buying them through the (in-game) marketplace.


Ghospers are the main in-game characters. The player will be playing Ghospers Game as a Ghosper. A Ghosper NFT can be acquired by minting one or by buying them through our own Marketplace. Owning Ghospers will give you the possibility to create a new Ghospers for new players. Creating a new Ghosper will come at a cost that will be paid in $GHSP tokens. The more a Ghosper mates the more expensive it becomes. Depending on the floor price and rarity, the new Ghosper will cost differently. These new Ghospers will have lives than Ghospers from the original 10,000 NFT collection.


There will be limited pieces of each clothing piece, which will be recorded on the blockchain. The rarer it is the more it costs, and the higher experience points it will have. You can also find new clothing and upgrade it, for it to become special then mint it on the Ghospers Marketplace to be sold as an NFT.
Last modified 5mo ago